DeluxEdition – The Sinner (Season 2)

Image provided by My Fantasy Sports Talk Season two of┬áThe Sinner is here! The first season was full of the most traumatic and dramatic scenes and content, we can only assume this season will be just as full if not better! We enjoyed the highlights of mental heath issues among society in the first episodes…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Sinner (Season 2)


DeluxEdition – The Importance of LA92

On Sunday April 23, 2017, I had the opportunity to attend the early screening of the National Geographic Documentary Film LA92, courtesy of an invitation from the Harvey B Gantt Center of Charlotte, North Carolina. We were able to view this documentary at Studio Movie and Grill, dope experience, met many great bloggers and entrepreneurs…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Importance of LA92


Two things we missed in the ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Premiere!

Photography provided by Giphy Tonight’s second season premiere for Atlanta was dope! At first, things seemed really, really serious. Especially when the two guys were robbing the fast food place that was hustling along with selling food, and the girls got out of the car crying and dripping in blood. I just knew she was…… Continue reading Two things we missed in the ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Premiere!


DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ by Irv Gotti

Photography provided by BET BET’s newest television series produced and directed by Irv Gotti is the most underrated shows on television right now in my opinion. I first came across this series while listening to music on my Tidal app one day. It just so happened to scroll across my feed as I opened the…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ by Irv Gotti


DeluxEdition – The Quad

The Quad is probably one of my third favorite shows on BET. Based around a young freshman class at a fictional college called Georgia Agricultural and Mechanical University, also known as GAMU. This series is based on the drama that goes on throughout the university daily. I began watching it around this time of the…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Quad


DeluxEdition: Favorite TV Series of 2017 – ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ By Spike Lee

Scene from She’s Gotta Have It My first expectations of She’s Gotta Have It were nothing like the reality of what She’s Gotta Have It really is. I was sort of introduced to this new series by a very good friend of mine in which I have done design work for her some years back,…… Continue reading DeluxEdition: Favorite TV Series of 2017 – ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ By Spike Lee