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For the year of 2019, I promised myself that I would put myself out there more business, blogging and creativity wise. I have a personal and business desire to work with more people who are into the same things as I am specifically for art. One way that I have accomplished this so far for the first half of the year is through email pitching. 

So far, I have had complete success with this method of reaching out to business owners and other entrepreneurs in search of more and better collaborations and now I am extending my methods to you! That’s right! I am now providing my methods of collaborating with others through Blogging With DE new online course, The Art of Email Pitching.

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    1. I agree, in the beginning when I first starting doing cold emails I was a little nervous about it but since then I have picked up on a great strategy that helps me a lot. I also have some pre-made templates that I believe could help make things a little easier for you. They’re included in my new e-course at this link: https://blogging-with-de.teachable.com

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