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It is here! What you all have been asking for and waiting on!
We now have our very own e-course on how you can Learn How To Become a Digital Marketer!

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Here’s a glimpse of payments from my own digital marketing assignments and projects with just one of the many companies I partner with. I have been apart of Intellifluence for about a little over a year now so they are still fairly new for me compared to others I work with. All assignments and amounts aren’t shown, especially for 2021, but these are just a couple of them for you to get an idea of what you could potentially be making starting off. For these, all I was assigned to do was post on my social media pages or on my own website. That’s it. You’re posting online for FREE right now on behalf of different companies and giving your viewpoints on different topics that others like myself are literally getting paid to do EACH POST! Keep in mind this is just from one company. You add on three or four more companies with similar if not more pay amounts per assignment or project and you have yourself your own consistent flow of income weekly and monthly, right from home.

Join my course The Art of Marketing where you can learn how to become a Digital Marketer the same way I did and get real results just like me each year, month, week, day and even hour depending on how much work you’re wanting and have the time to put in. I give full details of the background of this field, the good things and bad things, free terminology downloads and a list of companies you can sign up with right now and make some money for you and your family today!

This new course is primarily and specifically focused on Affiliate Marketing and how to get started.
It stems from our blog series that we have been posting for the last year on Affiliate Marketing and gives a more in-depth look into the marketing field. Great resource if you’re just getting started as a digital marketer.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Ability to work From Home
  2. Setting Your own Work Schedule
  3. Free to get started, no upstart costs
  4. Minimum equipment necessary
  5. No public engagement
  6. Eliminates a need for childcare
  7. No prior experience necessary
  8. Great for marketing creative endeavors

The Delux Designs (DE), LLC Art of Marketing E-Course has many great things to offer in order to get you started including Background on Affiliate Marketing, Instructions on How to Get Started now as an Affiliate Marketer, List of over 20 Affiliate Marketing Programs, and a Free Affiliate Marketing Terminology Download. To sign up for our new course today, visit the link below. We give three different pricing options to make your course experience more affordable.

  • Full Course Price: $350 USD Total
  • Silver Plan: 2 payments of $175 USD
  • Bronze Plan: 3 payments of $116.66 USD

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  1. To me the freedom that comes with all things digital is the number one benefit. Digital marketing has also opened so many doors that were closed before. Back then you had to meet the right people. So many things are now possible!

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