The DE Coloring Book – Black History Edition

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Back in 2017, I wrote in my everlasting to-do list that I wanted to create a book. At first I wanted to write a book about my life, and then it moved to an informational book and then to other topics. I really didn’t know what type of book I wanted to create but I knew I wanted to do one …. one day. I put that dream off for three years. THREE YEARS! I left that thought on a piece of paper but I didn’t realize by me doing that I was already manifesting it into creation by writing it down.

2020 hit and I birthed my first child. That thought about that book idea came back into my mind. Everything I do with my business at this point is sort of a way to leave something for my daughter when I’m long gone from this Earth. She will easily be able to google her mother’s name and see what her mother was doing and up to throughout many years of her mother’s life. That book idea came up more fiercely than before because I had the same thoughts about it like I do with my business now. Create a book my daughter can experience when she’s a little older that her mother created for her.

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Desiring to have something that my child can experience and take part in is where the idea of a coloring book came into fruition during the summer of 2020, but I didn’t know what topic to make it. I thought should I just do random kid’s images and that be the book or pick something specific.

The idea of creating an educational coloring book came about from seeing events on the news that just broke my heart. With covid-19 going on worldwide, I would see how schools are opening and closing almost weekly now. One minute the kids are doing in-person learning and the next minute they are doing virtual learning. I don’t know about anyone else but even as an undergrad in college, I wouldn’t be able to learn properly and healthy in that manner. Either the class would need to be fully virtual or fully in-person. Going back and forth would lose my focus and I felt like that is what is happening with these younger kids daily. They don’t know what to focus on because education is not consistent as should be right now. I thought about the short time period of learning as well. You can almost guarantee that these schools are not pushing the full curriculum under these bad circumstances so some things are being cut out completely, which would include Black History. It is already hard enough that Black History is not taught on a regular basis in schools like all over history topics. It mainly only comes up during the month of February for Black History Month. This led me to set out to create a book that highlights key black figures of Black History while also providing a hands on activity for each book reader to take part in to keep their attention and also to spark conversation among families right now as a teaching moment.

The DE Coloring Book: Black History Edition is now available for purchase through the DE Etsy Store. We hope that this provides a way for children to learn about Black History that is often either forgotten or looked over. Thank you so much to our supporters, family & friends and those who have already purchased their copies already. This is one of many upcoming coloring book editions so stay tuned for more updates by subscribing to our blog here. We appreciate your support!


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