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National Voter Registration Day

Today is the big day!

It is the National Voter’s Registration Day for 2020!

If you’re planning on voting in this year’s upcoming Presidential Election, it is highly important that you take some time out today and make sure that you are a legally registered voter in whatever state that you’re located in or planning to vote in this year.

There are some significant changes that would warrant a citizen to check their registry as a voter:

  1. You have moved or changed locations
  2. Your name has changed for any reason including marriage
  3. You have just become a United States citizen

You have moved or changed locations.

If you have moved or changed locations, you do need to update your voter’s registration.

Your name has changed.

If your name has changed in anyway since you last voted, you do need to update your voter’s registration. This also includes marriages. If you’re a woman or a man and your last name has changed, make sure you update your registration so there will not be any issues when you go to vote at all with identification.

You have become a United States citizen.

In order to vote in the United States, you must be a registered voter. If you have just been granted citizenship in this country and plan to vote in this year’s upcoming election, you need to go ahead and register to vote now so you’ll be all set in time for the upcoming election.

It’s time!

Register to Vote by Clicking Here


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