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The DE Foundation – No Excuses Vote 2018 with theSkimm

Midterm Elections are on the way!

Along with our normal partnership with The National Voter’s Registration Day, this year we have also teamed up with one of our newest affiliate partners theSkimm by joining the No Excuses Vote 2018 Squad for this year’s upcoming Midterm Elections for 2018.

No Excuses is a nonpartisan campaign aiming to get 100,000 people to the polls this November. theSkimm here to help you get registered, get informed, and cast your ballot. Because your vote matters.

September 25, 2018
National Voter Registration Day

Deadlines for South Carolina

  1. October 05, 2018: Voter Registration Deadline
  2. November 02, 2018: Absentee Voter Application Deadline
  3. November 06, 2018: Absentee Ballot Deadline

November 06, 2018
Midterm Election Day Nationwide


No Excuses - Vote 2018

Stay tuned for more information on this great partnership with No Excuses Vote 2018, along with more information on this year’s upcoming Midterm Elections.

theSkimm – Why Vote

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