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The DE Foundation – Organizing For Action Community Engagement Fellowship

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Great News!

I (@K_DougDE) have been accepted into the Organizing For Action Fellowship!
I am super excited about this program and have been learning quite a lot weekly so far this summer about running our new and improved non-profit The DE Foundation better for the upcoming years to come, along with different ways of being and getting involved more and better with my community and others.

Organizing For Action has been a favorite site of mine for about three years now, as I first came across it through The Obama Foundation email newsletters during former President Obama’s term. So far, as The DE Foundation’s founder, I have great respect for the company and program and intend to put what I have learned to great use very soon! First step, will be the National Voter’s Registration Day coming up this September as we are preparing to host voter’s registration drives soon! To beat the rush and make sure you’re all signed up to vote, click here to commit to voting in this next upcoming election courtesy of Organizing For Action!

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