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That’s how many voting-eligible Americans didn’t vote in the last U.S. midterm elections in 2014 — which means only 37% showed up. In the last midterm election, nearly 60% of Americans who were eligible to vote decided not to—that’s a higher percentage than the portion of the country who voted for either major party candidate in the last presidential election.

Here’s the breakdown in turnout rate by age:

18-24: 17.1%
25-34: 27.6%
35-44: 37.8%
45-54: 45.2%
55-64: 54.0%
65-74: 61.2%
75+: 56.9%

There are countless reasons why millions of Americans don’t make it to the polls.

Some are too busy. Others think their vote doesn’t matter, or that they don’t know enough to vote. Some just need to be asked. Most of the time they just need a reminder.

Take these steps before October 01, 2018:

Step 1. Check Voter Registration Status

Step 2. Register to Vote

Step 3. Commit to Voting

Step 4. Find Your Polling Place

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