The National Arts Drive with RAW Artists

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According to a recent survey 64% of artists and creative workers are unemployed! Every opportunity to perform, showcase or display in person has vanished for the time being. The creative community is deeply wounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Delux Designs (DE), LLC has joined RAW Artists in an effort to help fundraise directly to artists for a project titled, The National Arts Drive.  

On Saturday, June 20, 2020, we’re calling all artists in every creative medium to showcase from their front lawns, driveways, balconies, stoops or studios. We’re inviting the community at-large to take a drive and experience the creative culture living in their own neighborhood. The driving experience will be paired with a mobile website and interactive map. As drivers approach an installation or performance they can donate directly to the artist, follow them on social media and/or flag their online shop for future purchase.  

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If you or a creative you know is interested in joining this movement and raising awareness and financial support for artists, sign up and drop your map marker at https://NationalArtsDrive.com

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