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We hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday so far. Today I wanted to share this great new routine I have just picked up for myself and my daily routine of doing things. It is called The Opposites. This is a new journal technique I am adopting for myself from Chantal Johnson of Wishblooms. We just followed her site this week and it is amazing, I would recommend you all to subscribe or follow her for some great meditation tips along with artwork.

The Opposites is a journal technique that enables you to think about the positives in life, along with the negatives, teaching you to be grateful for both. Now I know many of you are thinking “I’m not grateful for those hard times, I’m happy to be at a better place now, why would I be grateful for bad things happening to me?” Well I come to tell you that with good times, you’re almost always certainly going to have bad times. Just like anything in life, you are going to have bad right along with the good. Being grateful for the bad means that you know troubles don’t last always, and that joy comes in the morning. For example check out one of my journal entries below:

I am grateful for knowledge. | I am grateful for lack of knowledge.

On the left means exactly what it says, I am thankful to be able to obtain knowledge and apply it to my life positively that I have learned over the years. One the right, it means the same but more so that I am thankful for the days where I just did not know. The reason I’m thankful for those days where I just did not know what I know now, is because it means that I have grown in life. If I was sitting still, I still would not know what I know now. Another example is listed below:

I am grateful for love. | I am grateful for hate.

On the left it means again exactly what it says, I am thankful for those who love me and those who allow me to love them. On the right, it means that I am thankful for those who hate me, because if I wasn’t exposed to hate, I would never know what love truly feels like. You have to know what bad is in order to see the good in something.

This exercise is great for early mornings or late at night before bedtime. I have decided to tie this in with my #JOYDayMovement journal since it does relate to finding joy in the world, even in the bad things of the world as well. Free your mind, grab your favorite pen, a clean and new journal, and write down your list for about 10 minutes, then come back and let us know how it went and what you think about this technique in a comment below. There are no requirements for the list amount, just whatever you are feeling at the moment and want to release.

Happy blogging everyone!

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