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The Purple Crown Project – Established during 2011


The Purple Crown Project is not a “new” organization so to say.
The only thing new about this particular project or movement is the fact that we have began to publicly bring more attention to us than we have before in the past.
The Purple Crown Project began back in 2011, about a little over 8 years ago now as a personal project of our founder @K_DougDE due to a tragic death in her own family concerning domestic violence.

In the beginning, the goal was to provide a space where women whom had been abused before or families whom were affected by abuse could speak freely with no judgement, where they could vent and receive more information to keep themselves and other family and friends dealing with abuse by a partner safe. But after encountering her own abuse from a former lover (or situationship), @K_DougDE has decided to make this a complete project blog wise and with events coming in the near future in support of domestic violence victims, specifically women whom have been harmed by the men in their lives before whether it be financially, physically, emotionally or sexually.

Our focus has always been to support women whom have been abused.
This does not mean that men aren’t affected by this form of abuse, it just means we have picked our focus and are sticking with it. Since 2011 that has always been a goal we have stuck with. You can check out our previous post here as to why we have been so adamant about sticking with this goal so much this far in our project.

We have also expanded on multiple platforms including Medium and Facebook. You can follow each article and blog series with Medium by clicking here, and you can follow our new Facebook Page for The Purple Crown Project by clicking here.

Check out some articles published on Medium from The Purple Crown Project:

For anonymous, confidential help available 24/7, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) now.

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