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You are a Queen. Nothing less.

Always remember and uphold that you are a Queen.
No matter what situation you are in nor with whom you are in that situation with, you will remain a Queen.

I think sometimes when we as women go through a horrible heartbreak at the hands of someone whom we may love and care about deeply, we often tend to feel like we aren’t worth anything anymore. Like we don’t amount to anything without that one person by our side but that’s not true. Even if someone else can’t see your worth and doesn’t know how to or refuses to learn how to love you, you’re still worth something. We as women have to stop placing our value in the hands of a man, especially men whom have shown us time after time that they do not care anything about our well being or safety. A man that is violent towards you not only physically but also mentally and verbally does not love you and never will. He may shower you with gifts and plead with you through multiple apologies but overall he does not care about you deep down. Stop falling for what they call the honeymoon phase. Things may be good right then for the moment but eventually things will go back to the sick and wicked ways of before.

Remember. You are a Queen. Nothing less.

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