The Sista Speak Show

Last night, we were granted the opportunity to be a featured guest with the lovely Ayanna Hollomon from The Sista Speak Show!

I am very grateful and thankful to have been selected as a guest speaker for this online talk show! I have been following Ayanna for some time now on Instagram and have loved the topics she has introduced ever since. Listen, this woman is working! She is reaching out and engaging with a large audience and providing a platform for African American women to come together and just have an open discussion with one another which is needed right now. Yes we have social media sites and what not to voice our opinions and to discuss important topics, but nothing beats being able to call in and actually speak with one another.

The Sista Speak Show is an online talk show as mentioned before that was created in 2011 but established in 2013. Sista = Spiritual Inspiration Shared Through Art. Not only is this an online talk show, but the brand also includes two other companies which are SGT Professional Artwork and A Touch of SGT.


The Sista Speak Show airs every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday of the week at 7pm central standard time on the Spreaker app live and on demand! Be sure to go ahead and download the Speaker app in order to tune in live! Special thank you again to Mrs. Ayanna Hollomon for allowing us to be apart of her platform last night. We really appreciate your support and wish you all the best with your endeavors!

If you missed the show last night, check out a recap of everything we talked about and discussed in the recording audio below! Enjoy!

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