#The100DayProject 2018

It’s that time again! #The100DayProject for 2018 begins Tuesday, April 03, 2018! This will be DE’s second year of participating in the art challenge and we are so excited about it yet again! If you’re a new reader for DE, what #The100DayProject consists of is creating a new form of artwork every single day for 100 days straight. This is an art challenge to help produce more and better artwork consistently for art collectors annually.

Sooo what am I creating for 100 days?

Well, to be honest, I have no idea at this point. Last year I planned on doing one #DEMusicBlock per day but of course things did not go as planned with everyday activities and being out of town from time to time. Plus, even though the illustrations are only 4×6 inches and 8×8 inches in size,  it was a lot harder to complete one of those fully in one day. Normally it takes me about two to three days to complete one, so it was very difficult. I ended up mixing in just any artwork that I could complete daily. Sometimes it was a new #DEMusicBlock, other days it would be an acrylic painting, and then some days I would create digital illustrations. Right now we are in the middle of our 365 Days of Diversity stemming from our #DEBlackHistory segment of Black History Month, so I may tie in some things from there. I’m on the fence right now with that, and deciding if I’m just going to do one big painting for 100 days straight. You know the paintings with so much detail, it takes you months to complete? Yup, one of those may be in the works.

With that being said, just be on the lookout for some random artwork and surprises this year for #The100DayProject. Sometimes an artist just needs that creative freedom instead of strict rules and regulations all the time.

Of course just like last year, all artwork done during this annual art challenge will be for sale online! Check out the links below of where exactly our artwork will be sold:
Don’t worry, I won’t hit anyone over the head with excessively expensive prices, everything will be affordable just like our graphic design services.

What artwork would you like to see created? Leave a comment below in our comment section on some art ideas for us to create for this year’s 100 day art challenge!

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