#The100DayProject – Day 1


Today is the start of #The100DayProject art challenge for 2018! As mentioned last week, we are taking part in the challenge again this year with high hopes of producing some brand new artwork for all of our fans, readers, subscribers and art collectors to enjoy or to purchase for the next 100 days straight!


For day one of the challenge, we have now added to our #DEMusicBlocks collection with our newest Big Krit illustration! This 8×8 inch mixed media piece was created by our founder and visual artist @K_DougDE with the use of Reeve’s gouache watercolor paint, Anita’s acrylic paint, and Artist Loft’s colored pencils on illustration board from Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. These newest illustration is available for purchase through our affiliate Storenvy right now!

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links have been included in this post in which Delux Designs (DE), LLC receives a commission from any sales made through this post. We assure you, the products featured through DE from product reviews are products that we recommend based off of our own personal experiences from using them.

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