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#The100DayProject – Day 11

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 11 of #the100dayproject! One piece has already sold, listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that is available for purchase:

Day 11: Real Love vs Artificial Lust
I decided to take a turn back towards our canvas paintings, and created what I call Real Love vs Artificial Lust. This particular painting was started in February of this year, with a focus on love for Valentine’s Day. It depicts how today’s society has made love an artificial thing and have not valued real or true love anymore. Everything is based not straight lust and your “image”. On the left, shows a picture of some flowers. Nothing major just one picture of a couple flowers, but it also symbolizes the famous social networking site Instagram as well. Under the image of the flowers is a like count of 687, that means that over 600 people ‘liked’ a picture with simple flowers on it, and of course we added a couple hashtags as well that are often used daily on the growing social media site. Now on the right side of the painting, is an image of a blooming rose flower, with roots going into the ground and a watering can watering it. With the flower image on the right, it looks more realistic than the image of the simple flowers. You can see where it has grown from of course being watered by the watering can.

2017. Real Love vs Artificial Lust  (Mixed Media). Retrieved from

My inspiration for this newest piece comes from a quote from Buddha that I came across on the internet a couple years ago. It really stuck with me and helped me through a bad relationship breakup, and even helped me learn how to love other people better than what I had been doing beforehand. It was said that someone asked Buddha what the difference was between the phrase “I like you” and “I love you”. He then answered, “When you like a flower, you pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily. One who understands this, understands life.” The Instagram image of the flowers on the left side of the painting are a symbol of when someone just likes you. Imagine yourself being a flower, and your mate just plucking you out of the ground and placing you in a vase of water for everyone to look at basically. They will do everything in hopes of obtaining attention from the public and not just to make you happy. They will show you off to the world, as though you are a “trophy”. Now imagine being a flower and someone leaves you in your natural state, the ground to grow, but they come by every now and then to water you and make sure you’re growing correctly and harmlessly. The rose image on the right side of the painting is a symbol of true love. It shows how your mate is more focused on watering you and caring for you, than they are of showing you off for the world to take advantage of. It also shows how much time and nurture your mate has put into you for years by how much the flower has grown and how deep the roots are now below the ground.

The materials used for this painting include gouache watercolor paint, acrylic paint, colored pens and light pastels. This particular piece is only available via Paypal so please let me know either in a comment below or by emailing if you would like to purchase. Enjoy everyone!


If you are interested in your very own custom painting from Delux Designs (DE), LLC, email us at or All prices listed are for acrylic paintings only. A 50% upfront, non-refundable deposit is required for all painting commissions. Shipping costs are not included. All commissions are now back on sale again for the month of May and June for 50% off. The only sizes that are subject to this special, are the sizes listed above, any additional sizes would be full price. This special ends on June 30, 2017!

Thank you to everyone for your support on our art journey! To follow our progress until July 12, 2017, follow us on Instagram [@deluxds]!

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