#The100DayProject – Day 14 & 15

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 14 & 15 of #the100dayproject! For these two days, we went back and highlighted two pieces that were created for The Sand Gallery’s grand opening in Baltimore, Maryland late last year. Listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that is available for purchase for previous days of #The100DayProject including unlimited prints available for some of our digital pieces created:

Day 14: Imprisonment

2016. Imprisonment (Acrylic). Created by @K_DougDE.

Imprisonment was created after viewing the Netflix documentary 13th. If you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend that you do so soon. It was made to show the correlation of the United States prison system with the history of slave labor throughout the United States. It has been said (and proven) that our very own prison system was not only created to house those who do harm towards others and of course those who commit crimes, but it was also created as a replacement for slavery labor. Slave labor pretty much built this country among other sources of income like trading. That is where a majority of financing came from back in the day, but when slavery was officially ended and deemed unlawful, the United States was forced to find another way of funding the country and this is where prison labor picked up. The prison system adopted the idea of “shackles” from slave labor in which we know them as “handcuffs” now. Both have been linked together in this acrylic painting so depict that they are pretty much one in the same. Both hands were placed together as a way of showing “praying hands” and understanding that both systems operate the same way, only difference is you cannot directly “sell” a prisoner like you could with slave labor.

Day 15: AmeriKKKa

2016. AmeriKKKa (Acrylic). Retrieved from http://instagram.com/deluxds.

AmeriKKKa was created in representation to the consistent police brutality that is still going on in the United States. Shown is an American flag but painted black and white to show how ‘some’ police officers only see this world in two colors, black and white. It was also painted that way to show how this country is divided by those two colors still to this day even after slavery and the salve trade were deemed unlawful, along with segregation. Some only see black or white when they look at you. In the top left hand corner where there would normally be 50 stars to represent the 50 states of America, I placed some phrases like “not guilty” for example to show how all officers continuously are not held accountable for their own wrongdoings.

Both of these paintings are available for purchase at The Sand Gallery located at 823 E. Baltimore Street (Door A&B) in Baltimore, Maryland if you are interested in purchasing to add to your very own art collection. Click the link below to find out more information on the gallery and how you can even get your artwork displayed today.


If you are interested in your very own custom painting from Delux Designs (DE), LLC, email us at deluxds@yahoo.com or deluxds@gmail.com. All prices listed are for acrylic paintings only. A 50% upfront, non-refundable deposit is required for all painting commissions. Shipping costs are not included. All commissions are now back on sale again for the month of May and June for 50% off. The only sizes that are subject to this special, are the sizes listed above, any additional sizes would be full price. This special ends on June 30, 2017!

Thank you to everyone for your support on our art journey! To follow our progress until July 12, 2017, follow us on Instagram [@deluxds]!

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