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#The100DayProject – Day 15

The fifteenth day of #The100DayProject from Delux Designs (DE) consists of a new #DEMusicBlock courtesy of our affiliate partner Storenvy! Check out what artwork is now available with our new collection for day 15 of this year’s art challenge below:


Mixed Media Illustration by @K_DougDE

For our newest illustration added to our #DEMusicBlock collection I went with a smaller sized block this time for Charleston, South Carolina’s music artist Benjamin Starr. For this one, I wanted to try something different with the colors compared to realistic color palettes. I stuck with my traditional Reeves Watercolor Gouache paint from Micheal’s Arts and Crafts for the background but not too bright this time. For the music artist, I used realistic colors but I added some tones of green to his skin as well to link up with the green tones in the background of the illustration.

Mixed Media Illustration by @K_DougDE

I love how this illustration is smaller compared to others but you can still tell who the image is along with it’s purpose.

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For more information on purchasing the original mixed media painting above, click here or by visiting our Painting page here. Thank you to everyone for your support on our art journey! Keep up with our progress for this years 100 Day Project Art Challenge by following @deluxds on Instagram!

All artwork done during this year’s art challenge will be for sale online at the links following below:

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