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#The100DayProject – Day 16

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 16 of #the100dayproject! For today, we decided to focus on an upcoming project that is already in progress in collaboration with Trenita Finney. Listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that are available for purchase from our previous days of #The100DayProject including unlimited prints available for some of our digital pieces created:

Day 16: If I Can’t Have You

Currently, Delux Designs (DE), LLC is partaking in a book project in collaboration with Trenita Finney from Pittsburgh, PA in which we intend to bring more awareness to domestic violence among women. Trenita has provided us with the many resources we needed to get this project off the ground and we thank her for it. Now this will not be your typical domestic violence material. We wanted to bring you some reading material that will not only inform you, but will also entertain you as well. This suspenseful, fictional book will be available for purchase online in August 2017, and paperback copies will be available soon after our online release. Where this ties in with our #the100dayproject, would be of course the artwork or illustrations for the design of the book. Below shows the cover for it. We wanted to make it minimalist but colorful. Shown is a suitcase, with a bouquet of flowers on the floor in front of it, along with a baby bottle almost empty with milk and a purple ribbon draped over the luggage. The purple ribbon represents Domestic Violence as this is the official ribbon for the national awareness cause. The suitcase represents the often constant moving a woman has to do when faced with a domestically violent mate. The baby bottle shown represents that there are children involved. The bouquet of roses shown represent that “honey moon” phase of domestic violent relationships where the abusive partner will often try to romance their way back in, only to repeat the same acts all over again.

2017. If I Can’t Have You (Colored Pencil). Retrieved from

Read below for a sneak peak excerpt from If I Can’t Have You before our big release this Fall!

“I sat there stunned, staring at my best friend’s boyfriend with a blank stare, as though someone had just tore my heart right out of my chest. I wanted him to say that he was playing and it wasn’t true…but he never did. He just continued to shake his head and pace back and forth debating on what we should do about the information he had just dropped on me. I had been with Deante for four years off and on. I had known him for 7 years. We would have our moments where disagreements would come up, but nothing completely out of the way until now. With the stuff already going on at my crib on top of this…. I’m ready to get rid of this man …. permanently.”

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