#The100DayProject – Day 17

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 17 of #the100dayproject! For today, we decided to focus on creating some quick sketches using charcoal, graphite and/or pens. Oh by the way! I received some requests for the last art piece that was posted on Day 16. That particular artwork is not for sale individually. It is apart of my book so I can’t sell it to anyone at the time. I may think about doing prints of the different art pieces that will be apart of the book once everything is said and done. I will keep you all posted on that, but just letting you guys know it is currently not for sale. I do have some other pieces that are available for sale though. Listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that are available from our previous days of #The100DayProject including unlimited prints available for some of our digital pieces created:

Day 17: New Balance


2017. New Balance (Pens). Retrieved from http://instagram.com/deluxds.

I decided to play around with some sketching for Day 17. I was not really in the mood for paint. I know that is bad for an artist to say, but sometimes we really do get tired of painting and just switch things up a bit. Plus you don’t want to be so burned out that you despise seeing paint and end up stopping your good talents all together. I ended up creating many different sketches in which some may pop up for this art challenge in the following days to come. This one is my favorite and best one out of them all. It is a free handed, pen drawing of a New Balance sneaker. Now don’t grill me for having a New Balance sneaker, I know I’m not up with times and what is trending right now in fashion, that’s not my expertise. But the reason I picked this particular shoe, was because it gave me a way to practice and focus on line variations. If you don’t know what that is it is ok, I will explain. Line Variations are where the lines you draw vary in size and weight. For example, you see how the outlining of the bottom of the shoe is thinner than the dotted lines going around the edges of the shoe? Another thing that was so great about this particular prop is that I was able to play with some dots, dashes and cross hatching which I love to do from time to time.

Here is a better view of the cross hatching technique below. You can also see the line weight variations well here on the tongue of the shoe. I will more than likely do a series of this with different pairs of shoes in the future. This particular one was done on Newsprint paper which is fairly thinner than your normal sketchbook paper. This piece is for sale for $50 USDs if you are interested in purchasing. It is a black and white piece that would look great once framed. Leave me a comment below in our comment section if you are interested in purchasing and just your thoughts on the piece. I love getting my art critiqued, but please keep in mind that I am an artist and in the words of Queen Badu herself, I am sensitive about my shit.


2017. New Balance (Pens). Retrieved from http://instagram.com/deluxds.


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