#The100DayProject – Day 23

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 23 of #the100dayproject! Today we have a piece that focuses on recycling as an artist titled, Brown Tex. Listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that are available from our previous days of #The100DayProject including unlimited prints available for some of our digital pieces created. *Side Note: All Music Blocks have been moved to our new Storenvy Store so please keep that in mind if you’re interested in purchasing any that are listed below. We are no longer with Big Cartel.*
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Day 23: Brown Tex

While creating other art pieces, I have ran into a dilemma of having additional paint left over. As any artist knows, paints can be very expensive. Even the off brand paints can cost me up to $5.00 per tube at times, which adds up when I am creating large commission paintings, so I am always looking for ways to cut costs. One way I have found to be extremely helpful towards not only saving myself from wasting excess paint, but also giving me a way to recycle paint as well, is by creating textured artwork with left over acrylic paint pieces.

How this works is I allow any any excess acrylic paint in my palette to dry completely after finishing an art piece. I then peel each individual piece from my palette once dry. I have found this to work great with plastic paint palettes, specifically the smaller ones that have these small circles like shown above. I purchased mine at Cheap Joe’s Art Supply Store in Charlotte, NC, but they are also available at any art supply store for about $3.00 – $5.00. You can sometimes catch them for just $1.00 at Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart.

Once I have peeled all the excess paint from the palette, I then use regular glue to paste them onto a canvas panel. Your glue choice does not need to be fancy at all. I used some regular white glue I found in Dollar Tree for just $1.00 and it worked perfectly fine. Now I have tried this method with paper before, specifically Mi Tientes paper and it worked great as well. I would recommend using paper for this if you plan on custom framing your artwork, or using them for collages as well. Once I glued down all of the pieces that I wanted, I went over the finished piece with one coat of Varnish to not only give it a nice shine, but to also make sure that all pieces are nicely glued down. The varnish also gave it an additional texture feel that shows a lot of the brush strokes as well.

This method is amazing for those who value recycling. By doing this I don’t have to throw away any wasted additional paints, plus it creates more artwork for my collection. Let me know what you think below in the comment section about this piece. It is only available for purchase at $40.00 (USD) via Paypal if you are interested in purchasing it to add to your very own art collection.


If you are interested in your very own custom painting from Delux Designs (DE), LLC, email us at deluxds@yahoo.com or deluxds@gmail.com. All prices listed are for acrylic paintings only. A 50% upfront, non-refundable deposit is required for all painting commissions. Shipping costs are not included. All commissions are now back on sale again for the month of May and June for 50% off. The only sizes that are subject to this special, are the sizes listed above, any additional sizes would be full price. This special ends on June 30, 2017!
Thank you to everyone for your support on our art journey! To follow our progress until July 12, 2017, follow us on Instagram [@deluxds]!

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