#The100DayProject – Day 25

The twenty fifth day of #The100DayProject from Delux Designs (DE) consists of a new new collection courtesy of our affiliate partner Society6! Check out the new artwork that has been added to our growing collection illustrations for day 25 of this year’s art challenge below:


Pansy Love Throw Blanket


Pansy Love Coffee Cup


Pansy Love Comforter


Pansy Love Curtains


Pansy Love Serving Tray


Pansy Love Travel Mug


Pansy Love Coffee Table


Pansy Love Wall Mural


Pansy Love Leggings


Pansy Love iPhone Case


Pansy Love Throw Pillow


Pansy Love Notebook


Pansy Love Cutting Board


Pansy Love Wall Clock


Pansy Love Credenza

For more information on purchasing any of the merchandise and artwork above, click this link. Thank you to everyone for your support on our art journey!
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Day 22

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31 thoughts on “#The100DayProject – Day 25

    1. Thank you! Yes, the furniture was recently added last month, they are the newest pieces and more should be coming soon.

    1. Tag us @deluxds if you decided to purchase, we would love to see how it looks, thank you!

  1. Pansies!! I love this flower and it grows very well during the winter here in Georgia. Thanks for this post and brightening up my day with this beautiful little gem of a flower.

    1. Thank you! I done roses earlier this year when it was warm so I figured pansies were the best flower to do for this year’s fall season. Glad you like them!

  2. My favorite was the serving tray and the throw pillows. Will the cutting board will hold over time? I assume the design will be at the back and not on the cutting surface.

    1. Thank you! The actually cutting board is a wood side where you prep your food. The design side of the cutting board is actually a serving tray which can also be converted to hang for kitchen decor in your home. You’re also right the design side is on the back and not the cutting surface. I has a gloss finish to it.

  3. I love this design! I coordinate perfectly with how I have our living/kitchen/dining space decorated.

    1. Thank you! I typically use alot of reds, so I figured I would switch it up and add purple instead for the fall season, glad you like them!

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