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#The100DayProject – Day 28

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 28 of #the100dayproject! Today’s piece is a new addition towards our upcoming book release titled If I Can’t Have You.  Listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that are available from our previous days of #The100DayProject including unlimited prints available for some of our digital pieces created.

Day 28: If I Can’t Have You: Deante

So for today, we have made an addition to our upcoming book while unveiling one of the characters apart of the story line. His name is Deante and he is one of the main characters apart of the drama filled story line. Deante is a very troubled African American man who prides himself on having as many females under his wing as possible even though he is already in a relationship with his girlfriend throughout the book. His sense of entitlement and pride leads him becoming abusive, more so emotionally and mentally more than anything. He is not your corporate job type of man, more like your typical street hustling type of man who loves fast money, fast cars, and a lot of women. His game ends when he is caught sleeping with his girlfriend’s mother and her best friend behind her back in the very beginning of the book series.

Read below for a sneak peak excerpt from our upcoming book If I Can’t Have You.

“I headed back to bed and turned over so that Deante wouldn’t see that I was awoke. He climbed back into bed as though he had done no wrong and wrapped his arm around me. Deante was the type that just had to touch you while you slept, so he said, but I knew better. I couldn’t even go to bathroom in the middle of the night without an interrogation from him about where I was going. I knew that my only chance at permanently getting out for good was with that little piece of paper. I only had a year left of school, so this was my last chance to get it right. My mom knew I was attempting to go back to school. She was the only one I had mentioned anything to about it. But of course she didn’t take me serious, so I was having to find my way on my own. I knew something had to be done about Deante though as well. He had never laid hands on me, but with all his other actions, I was already fearful that was coming next.”

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