#The100DayProject – Day 30

The thirtieth day of #The100DayProject from Delux Designs (DE) consists of a new collection courtesy of our affiliate partner Society6! Check out the new artwork that has been added to our growing collection of illustrations for day 30 of this year’s art challenge below:

img_0582Christmas Lights Coaster Set Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0679Christmas Coffee Mug Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0666Christmas Lights Serving Tray Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0676Christmas Throw Blanket Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0552Christmas Lights Throw Pillow Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0558Christmas Wallpaper Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0583Christmas Lights Stationary Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0559Christmas Wall Clock Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0555Christmas Comforter Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0587Christmas Stationary Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0557Christmas Coaster Set Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0553Christmas Wall Mural Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0671Christmas Cutting Board Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0585Christmas Wall Tapestry Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0584Christmas Wood Wall Art Designed By @K_DougDE
img_0586Christmas Acrylic Serving Tray Designed By @K_DougDE

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