#The100DayProject – Day 5

The fifth day of #The100DayProject from Delux Designs (DE) consists of a new illustration from our #DEMusicBlock collection! Check out which new music artist painting has been added below.

 img_4293Mixed Media Illustration by @K_DougDE

I started off with just a sketch of the music artist’s frame that I wanted to be the main focus of the illustration shown in the video above. Then I moved on to filling that particular outline with a shade of brown Hobby Lobby Anita’s Acrylic Paint to make the music artist’s skin color shown below in the image.

9ccaced5-b307-4e4a-99c7-f422bb419917_dvd.original.jpgImage provided by @K_DougDE


Next I filled in the areas where I wanted the hair to be with black acrylic paint as shown in the image above, and darker shadows of the face with a darker shade of brown Hobby Lobby Anita’s Acrylic Paint shown in the image below. The bottom image is where I begin to show boundary lines of where things of the face need to be placed including eyes, mouth, eyebrows, etc.



After boundary lines are put in, I being to layer up more with the shades of brown, going darker and lighter depending on where the shadows and lights hit the face as shown in the image above. More detail is added to the hair and mouth in the image below.



The top image shows where I begin to add in my Micheal’s Artist’s Loft Colored Pencils to add more finer details like creases in the eyelids, shadows on the ears, and more details to the lips. The bottom image shows where the background is being added in with a shade of green Hobby Lobby Anita’s Acrylic Paint.


Final Results

Mixed Media Illustration by @K_DougDE

Mississippi born music artist, activist and entrepreneur, David Banner, has been added to our growing collection of #DEMusicBlocks! David Banner is an artist I remember well from my teen years, those middle school days. A new David Banner collection is coming soon to our storefront with affiliate Society6, so stay tuned for that update this upcoming week. This particular original painting can be purchased with another one of our affiliates Storenvy at the link shown below!


For more information on purchasing any of the merchandise and artwork above, click this link. Thank you to everyone for your support on our art journey! To follow our progress for this years 100 Day Project art challenge until July 12, 2018, follow us on Instagram @deluxds

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