#The100DayProject – Day 9: Safe Haven

Safe Haven Digital Illustration designed by @K_DougDE

#The100DayProject – Day 9

We are now at day number nine of #The100DayProject!
This year we are creating 100 individual digital illustrations for 100 days straight! Check out what’s ninth on our agenda below!

Day 9: Safe Haven

Our choice for the ninth day of #The100DayProject for 2020 is a digital illustration from Visual Artist Keara Douglas highlighting being a safe haven for children.

This illustration is from our founder’s depiction of being a safe haven for her child. Being that one person her child knows she can come to with anything it won’t be judged or told to outside parties. In this digital media era it is important that the people we love be able to trust that we have their backs and will always care for them.

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