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#The100DayProject of 2020

It’s that time again everyone!

#The100DayProject of 2020 is days away!
We participate in this amazing art challenge project annually and this year will be no different. If you don’t already know, every continent is pretty much going through the Coronavirus in such a way that most of us are on some form of a pre-lockdown or a full blown lockdown to where we are all stationary or confined to our homes a majority of the day weekly. This is the perfect opportunity for us all to dive into our creative abilities and talents with this project. Great thing about this project is that it is free and online based so anyone can join in on the fun!

This year our founder @K_DougDE has decided to create digital illustrations as our medium of choice. Everyday for 100 days straight we will be releasing an illustration either based on her life personally, her career choices, or on people or things we admire right now. You can check out some of her previous work with this particular medium by clicking here. Prints and printed merchandise will be available for a majority of the pieces released through Delux Designs (DE), LLC affiliate partner Society6 as well.

100 Days of Kona Color // Join Me in the 100 Day Project — Swim Bike Quilt

To keep up with our releases make sure you’re following our founder on Instagram at @K_DougDE and our very own instagram page at @deluxds for all updates daily. Even though the first day of the project is not until April 2020, we are beginning to release some of our creations early to get a head start on instagram. Each instagram post will come with its very own blog post in the order of each day’s release with #The100DayProject calendar schedule, however, so make sure you’re subscribed to our blog by clicking here to keep up with everything here as well. Each post will go live and links to them will be posted as backlinks in this particular post in the order that they come so you’re able to reference back to one central location without getting confused and lost in our progress.



Girl Dad Positive Brother-Sister-Love-1 Tax-Season-1 Art-Life-1 Babyshower Poopster Feeding-Time

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#The100DayProject Charlotte Meetup

After the project is done, we are planning to host a meetup in Charlotte, North Carolina to everyone in our area can link up and connect and see what all everyone has created. Click here for more information on the upcoming event coming soon for the Fall of 2020 for #The100DayProject!

Thanks for your support & enjoy our new artwork coming soon!

Are you participating in #The100DayProject this year? What are you creating & what is your Instagram so we can follow you? Comment below in the comment section!

For continuous updates on all new artwork, art events & much more follow our social media page links listed below. Thanks for your support everyone!
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