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#The100DayProject – Project Announcement

#The100DayProject, an annual art project challenge that I, the Delux Designs (DE), LLC owner and founder, Keara Douglas participates in annually begins tomorrow! I can’t believe another year has already passed! Last year was a really tough year. 2020 is a year that will not be forgotten but taught a lot of lessons thoroughly. I only made it to day 10 of the challenge last year and it was tough to end the year knowing I didn’t even come close to making it half way. But I’m not discouraged by it, I am hopping back on the bus and trying it again to see how far I can make it again for another year.

I contemplated what I wanted to create for #The100DayProject for the last two months. I wanted to do something that I love yet something that I can not only use for the project but also with other things I have going on and planned for Delux Designs (DE), LLC.

My Project Is _________

For the 2021 year, I am creating one digital illustration per day for 100 days straight. Last year I created illustrations that were really extensive but this year I am going to mix up my design work a bit. Some will be extensive and others will be fairly simple designs. The difference between this year’s designs and last is that they will mainly correlate with my life and everyday things going on with me since they will be posted daily on my personal instagram page @K_DougDE.

I hope you all can join me on this challenge as I work to improve my design skills. #The100DayProject has always been a tool and a way for me to improve on my design discipline with keeping schedules and staying consistent with releasing artwork for the world to enjoy and I hope to continue working on this art self-care for myself daily again for 2021!

To keep up with us this year make sure you’re following me on instagram at @K_DougDE and you can search for hashtag #100DaysofDE as well.
Last year we set up a central blog post where I posted each illustration for everyone to see daily once completed. This year I am setting up a full page here on the site so everyone can keep up with each day’s work along with any blog posts we may have for each day.

For continuous updates on all artwork, art events and much more follow our social media page links show below. Thanks for your support everyone!
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