#The100DayProject – Two Week Update

Wow, we are now two whole weeks into #The100DayProject!

I love how the creators of this annual international art challenge provide motivational messages for us all to go by while we create every couple days or so. For the first motivational quote it comes from Joseph Campbell and states, ” If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. You own path you make with every step you take, that’s why it’s your path.”

I took this quote to mean two different things:

  1. You shouldn’t go by what “they” say is the road you should take. Everyone’s path to success is not the same and everyone does not travel down the same exact road as you towards success.
  2. Another interpretation I got from this quote from Campbell is that my path throughout the #The100DayProject will be different from others. I won’t complete this project the same as others yearly, nor in the same style. It is alright to b creative in my own style.

2017 was my first time taking part in this challenge after watching many different visual artists and crafters on Instagram having fun with it. To be honest, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. At first thought, I figured creating one art piece, once a day, for 100 days can’t be that bad. But it’s a little tougher than it seems. So far, from last year to right now, I’ve learned more about my art style and how I operate as a creative more than anything. This challenge has been a great tool used to build personal productivity and consistency.

With this year’s project, I decided to listen to what was being displayed and the signs being given from my work last year. Instead of creating something every single day, I decided it was alright to take a break every once in a while throughout the week. This has helped the quality of my work. Everything looks ten times better now this year than last already.

Your path is your path. No one makes the rules for your road to success but you. -@K_DougDE

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Here’s a recap of what has been created for the first 15 days of #The100DayProject:

Day 1 – Big Krit Music Block


Day 2 – Torrey Craig Digital Illustration

Torrey Craig

Day 3 – Krit Collection


Day 4 – DE Shop Merchandise

Women's Fitted Tank Top

Day 5 – David Banner Music Block


Day 6 – David Banner Collection


Day 7 – Rose Love Collection


Day 8 – Banner Collection


Day 9 – Stripe Pattern

Stripe Together

Day 10 – Stripe Collection

Day 11 – DE Shop


Day 12 – Wall Hanger Collection


Day 13 – T.I. Music Block


Day 14 – Bankroll Fresh Music Block


Day 15 – Benjamin Starr Music Block


Banner 760x100

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