theSkimm teams up with HBO

There’s nothing better than being inspired by those around you. During Women’s History Month, our affiliate partner theSkimm has provided us with more information on a great opportunity where HBO is collecting real stories, from the personal and unedited to the nuanced and complex.

Tell me more.
HBO is working on a project called The Inspiration Room where they’ll showcase the stories and diaries of real women from all over the US. It’ll span generations and celebrate the diversity and complexity of the female narrative. These stories will culminate in a one-of-a-kind live exhibition designed to inspire women.
And they want to hear your story.

What kind of story should I tell?
Any unedited story from your life: when you landed your dream job, dealt with your first heart-wrenching break-up, how you met your significant other, experienced the birth of your first child. HBO is seeking women’s stories that are powerful and personal. Most importantly, tell a story that means something to you in the same way you would write about it in your diary.

I’m in, what next?
The guidelines and submission form can be found here.

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