#TheYearofNo – Day 3: Stop Taking Everything So Personal

Day 3 of #TheYearofNo Campaign is about Taking Things Personal.

I have sometimes found myself taking things more personal than they should be. I guess because I’m so passionate about certain things and aspects of life, I expect others to be just as passionate as me and of course that is not always the case which often times leads to more drama and disappointments for me than necessary.

When I say taking things too personal, I am referring to those moments where I may end upset because someone does see things the same as me. It could be my importance of time for example. One person may not believe in being on time for anything, but myself I may value keeping things on a set time schedule. This doesn’t mean that other person is wrong, it just means they don’t place value in a timely schedule and to be honest there’s nothing wrong with that. Neither party is not necessarily wrong.

In life, I think we all have to realize that people have different beliefs and have different things going on in their everyday lives. With this being said and even brought to my own attention, I have found myself lately having to realize that what may be important to me may not be important to other people. This doesn’t mean that what I deem as being important to me personally and even professionally is not truly important. It just means that another person may not see what I see, or they may not have the same experiences as me in my life.

I have found that without myself whenever I begin to take things too personal, it results in me placing care and energy into things and situations that drain my positive energy. In order for me to counter this, in the year of 2019, I plan to pick and choose what I want to take serious and personal overall. Some things should be brushed under the rug and some connections should be lost in order for me to do and be better overall. With me not wanting nor attempting to drain myself of positive energy this will help me towards placing more positive energy into things and people that actually matter and see what I see as an importance. For example, if I walk into a store this year and the cashier is taking too long and there aren’t enough registers open, instead of me complaining about it, I just plan to take my money and energy to another store with no complaints. You never know if a store is short staffed or what’s going on, so instead of me complaining I’m finding more and better solutions to the problems at hand.

Are you a person who takes things personal when they go wrong, or do you just go with the flow and place your energy into finding better solutions? Leave your methods and thoughts in the comment section below.


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14 thoughts on “#TheYearofNo – Day 3: Stop Taking Everything So Personal

  1. This is so me! I’m getting better about this, but’s it’s truly been a process. I was going to write a log about this too because it was one of the major realizations I started to understand about myself and life

  2. Thanks for this. Nobody really wants to admit to having a more fragile ego than one should — but it really is no biggie. Every time I take things too personally, I force myself to stop to look at exactly what it is that bothers me. Most of the time, I’m being too sensitive. Sometimes, others are a little insensitive, and when I realize that, I can keep things in perspective.

  3. This post is totally for me! I take things way too personally all of the time. It has been my goal to see things from other point of views and to calm down!

  4. I guess I often have to remind myself about not taking everything so personally and I am still learning. Really enjoyed your perspective about it! A great post!

    1. I think this is where I truly am in life right now. It’s not that I don’t care so to speak but more so that the older I get the more I realize what I once cared about now lacks importance which has led me to not take things personal more now.

  5. What a great goal for yourself, I hope you are successful and get the results you are looking for!

  6. I love this, I hope you accomplish your goals. I love the fact you said somethings will be brushed under the rug to be able to do better in 2019, in reality, to do better in life one need to drop few things.

  7. This comes at such an opportune time for me where I am forced to spend days with someone who really annoys me…but, I am learning not to take everything they do or say personally, and it’s quite freeing

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