#TheYearofNo – Day 4: Self-Doubt

Day 4 of #TheYearofNo Campaign is about Self-Doubt.

Self-doubt has always been a huge personal problem of mine.
I find myself talking myself out of ideas, trips, ambitions and goals all the time, not because of self-esteem issues, but because of other’s self-esteem issues. Most of the time when I am excited about something I make the mistake of sharing it with those around me. Now, I am not saying that it is bad for me to share good news with the people around me. I am not saying that this is something you should not do. I am also not saying that I share every little detail of what I am excited about, but I do share enough to get their opinions and to see their viewpoints. Lately this has been a huge issue and problem for me moving forward with my life on a positive note.

If you are not careful, other people will talk you out of your dreams ultimately leaving you in the same positions they are in, or worse, they will steal your ideas for themselves causing you to doubt yourself overall. Sometimes, others do not want to see you doing better than them, so if you present an idea about what you want to do with your life and it seems like it could be a breakthrough for you and place you in a higher position than them, they will talk you out of it. This is a form of jealousy. Sometimes, you may present an idea to someone around you, and they will not only talk you out of it but they will present their own ideas for your life, ultimately wanting you to do what they want you to do. This is a form of living out their dreams through you, basically using you as a vessel for their goals and ideas. I have been faced with this type of activity my entire life and it has come to a point where I have begun to shut this down as soon as I see a sign of it through other people.

Stop doubting yourself.
Stop talking yourself out of your great ideas, goals and wishes.
Stop sharing your ideas, goals and wishes with others and just do what you intend to do. It is alright if you want to partner with others on your ideas and entrepreneurship endeavors but seeking validation for those ideas and endeavors is where we all mess up. When I share what I want to do with others, it has always been so I can get feedback of whether or not my idea will work out well with the public but I have found over the last 8 years that I don’t truly have a valid reasoning for doing this, I was just looking for validation and didn’t realize I never really needed it until now.

Of course, being an entrepreneur and creative is scary.
I get that.
You may not know if what you’re doing is going to sell well or not and I understand that, but the more you doubt what you’re doing, the more you won’t sell.
You have to speak things into existence and ignore those around you.
All advice is not good advice.
Everyone’s input is not needed for what you’re trying to do.
As a creative, the only advice you should be taking into consideration for anything that you are doing is your attorney’s/lawyer’s, mentors’, college professors’ and/or your business partners’ and that is it at the end of the day their opinions and advice are for a better cause and will benefit you more than anybody else’s.

For the year of 2019, I plan to not doubt myself at all.
What ever it is that I want I plan to go get it by any means necessary…legally of course.
I plan to take other’s opinions and advice into consideration but it will not hold weight in my decision making process for my life. I also plan to go back to ideas in which I was talked out of during previous occasions not only by other people but also by myself in the past that never came about and were not given the opportunity to grow.

Do you suffer from self-doubt? How do you combat it in order to get things done? Have you ever dealt with other’s causing you to doubt yourself? How do you combat other’s opinions and poor advice for your business, creativity and your life as a whole?
Comment below in our comment section with your thoughts.


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