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As an entrepreneur and business owner, there will come times where you will have to handle those portions of your business that are not fun. This may include financial statements, emailing clientele and even the branding portions of your service. Some may handle these business responsibilities on their own, and there are others who outsource to handle these things for them so they can focus solely on the fun parts of being a business owner.

Check out a clip from our affiliate House of Brazen on tips for hiring your first Virtual Assistant.

What’s a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is really exactly what it says, a virtual assistant. This is where you hire someone, virtually, to assist you in business operations completely online. You don’t have get up and attend long meetings with them in person. You don’t have to report to an office with phones ringing off the hook or any of those daily activities as you would physically in a traditional office setting. Your assistant assists you remotely with a majority of communications done either via email or through phone conversations. A virtual assistant is there to help you with any day to day operations depending on what type of VA you hire. The great thing about a virtual assistant is that they are pretty much apart of any field, even some doctors use virtual assistants to help them out.

Delux Designs (DE), LLC is pretty much what you would call a virtual assisting service completely. We help other business owners and entrepreneurs with branding and graphic services remotely to make things more convenient for them. Check out some of our work so far here. Great thing about DE is that we not only make things more convenient for you so you can focus on other things, but we also keep our assisting services very affordable, with some services starting as low as just $25 USD! We do not charge hourly like most VA’s so you’re not under any type of strict contracts you can’t get out of if you change your mind. All services are one set, one time fee! Check out more information below on how you can hire us today!

Virtual Assistant

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