Top Tips for Updating your Digital Brand

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We are now in the Spring season of 2021, can you believe it?
This is a perfect time for doing some annual Spring cleaning and that includes cleaning up your business and brand. This is that time of the year where we have got through that new year rush, set our new year resolutions back in January, and now we are putting our resolutions into play full time going into the second quarter of the year. Spring is the perfect time for a clean up to see what has worked out so far at the beginning of the year, and to see what needs to be changed and altered to keep things rolling for the rest of the year. This clean up includes your digital brand image and much more for starters.

Do you remember when you got your first logo design created for your business or service? Maybe your first website? Remember how excited you were to have your very own business come to life visually? Do you also remember how long ago that has been and how you have never updated your brand’s image? Well today, we are giving you some pointers and tips on how to update your digital brand image while also keeping your brand’s style that your audience is familiar with.

  • Logo Design Update

    Our logo designs are the gem of our business and service. This is how people will remember you long term and this is the first visual that they see that represents you and your service that you provide. Sometimes, that visual needs to be updated to give your business or service a fresh look and feel overall. Here are a couple things to avoid when updating your logo design:

    1. Keep your main design image. If your business or service main image that everyone knows you by is a flower, then you need to keep incorporating that flower in your logo design visuals even with updates. You can’t go from having flowers as the icon image for your brand and then change it abruptly to a racecar. This confuses your audience visually. Stay consistent with your brand’s representation.

    2. Remove the glitter. Remember when you were younger and believed that the shinier your brand design is, the more people will love it. Well, that was a lie. Glitter should not be apart of logo designs, especially in the corporate world. People often relate glitter as being more childlike than professional. This doesn’t apply if you actually have a childlike business or service so use this advice and tip at your own discretion. Also keep in mind that glitter in your logo designs can be very distracting on the eye, let’s not get started on putting glitter on all of your branding images (logos, banners, websites, etc.). That is a huge distraction and often pushes visitors and your audience away because they can barely read and focus on your main content for your brand. Keep this in mind when updating your digital brand.

    3. Tone down your fonts. It is alright to have a fancy fonts collection for your digital brand, especially with specific flyers for different events and such. But make sure that you’re not using too many of them all at the same time. For example, a paragraph on your social media page of a fancy font type is not only distracting but hard to read. You don’t want to make things harder for your potential clients and customers when it comes to buying from you. Too many fancy fonts takes away from readability. Always offset the fancy type of fonts with regular serif or sans serif fonts so everything flows together. Fancy fonts are great for titles on pages and sometimes fit well with logo designs, just make sure you’re placing them well with your design.
  • Color Chart Update:

    When we first began our businesses or services, we may have just picked colors that appealed to us. We never thought about how colors ultimately affect how customers interact with your brand. Take some time out to really look at the colors you have chosen for your business and see where you can make some improvements. Are the colors you’re using on text making your text hard to read? Do your colors for your business or service align with what you’re selling or promoting? Move on to setting up your own color scheme for your business or service. You don’t want to have a blue logo design and then have a pink and yellow digital business flyer. Everything that you do with your business or service should correspond to one another and fit your branding visual image that you have created.
  • Social Media Update:

    Clean up your social media! This is the most important when setting a brand image for the public beside your actual graphics online. Most people will visit your social media pages before visiting your website so these pages are their first impression when it comes to your brand. If they are coming to your social media pages, for example Instagram. and you have one post about your personal life, one quote that has blue and green text when your brand image colors are yellow and red, one post with an image of a dog when your brand is centered around flowers, and another post about something personal dealing with your family that will discourage people from buying from you. Your social media page is all over the place. This also discourages other businesses and services from taking you serious, everything is disorganized and not consistent. Clean this up. Set up some templates to use for your personal quotes that fit your brand image. Remove all personal posts and place them only on your personal social media pages and not your business ones. Take down any posts that don’t have anything to do with your brand. Make sure your brand colors correspond to your social media posts at all times. This will keep your audience eyes flowing and keep them on your pages longers with more chances of gaining consistent sales.
  • Build a Community:

    If you have not already, begin the process of starting business friendships with other business owners that are in the digital field. It helps to have an accountability partner and just someone you can lean on during those times of feeling unmotivated to get the job done. You don’t have to see this business friend everyday, or even talk to them everyday if you don’t want to, but it does help to know you have someone in your corner when you need them. You can also learn from one another and give each other great tips and positive advice throughout your digital business journey. Another way of building your own community with your digital brand is by building your email list. If you haven’t already, go ahead and start gaining those email contacts for your email list. This is not only how you can begin getting the word out about your products to a bigger audience, but this is also a way of building some long term connections with people from all over the world centered around your own digital brand.
  • Start Video Content:

    Video content is a heavy game changer for digital brands right now. People want to see the real you and one great way they can is through videos showing you either working or speaking about your business and service. You can either go the traditional Youtube route to do this, or you can take on new forms of video apps including Snapchat and Tiktok. Instagram and Facebook even have ways to get video content out to the world now. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are and who is responsible for the great digital brand you have.
  • Start your Website:

    If you haven’t already, go ahead and begin the process of getting your website created. I see it so many times online where business owners will use social media pages as an official business website and that is the wrong route to go. When you want to be taken serious as a business or service digitally, you need your own website with your own domain name to run your own platform.

These are just a few tips that can help you upgrade your digital brand and get your started with your Spring cleaning for your business. We hope they help you along your digital branding journey!

Do you have any specific tips and tricks that you go by to upgrade your digital brand that you’ve found to help out a lot? If so, comment below in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

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