Two things we missed in the ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Premiere!

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Tonight’s second season premiere for Atlanta was dope! At first, things seemed really, really serious. Especially when the two guys were robbing the fast food place that was hustling along with selling food, and the girls got out of the car crying and dripping in blood. I just knew she was shot, but it must have been someone else that was in the car instead. But any who, I don’t want to ramble too much about the episode and give out too many spoilers for the ones who haven’t seen the episode yet. But I am here to highlight some references many may have missed from the show tonight!

  1. Robbin’ Season
    First highlight of course would be the name of the series itself, Robbin Season. This is an annual season every year, around the end of summer going all the way to New Year’s. It means that you, as an individual, are more likely to get robbed (if you’re not doing the robbing yourself) during this time of the year more than any other time. I guess this would be like the peak season for a seasonal employee of robbing so there are no days off or something, I’m not sure. Or it could be the fact that pressure is heightened during this time of the year as well with the holidays approaching soon after. More people are out and about and more money is being spent. That’s just my thoughts, I’m not sure if it is 100% true or not but, yeah.
  2. The Florida Man
    Second highlight would be the repeated reference to The Florida Man. No lie, I remember reports on this years ago! It is crazy how the show opener kept bringing this topic up and then it made too much sense after awhile. A conspiracy theory that makes sense ya know. As Darius explains to Ern, this particular figure is unknown, he shoots an unarmed black teenager, he fights a boyfriend during a pregnancy delivery, crashes car into Checkers, is found beating a flamingo to death, and the main on in which made me think twice about this just being a conspiracy theory is when he eats another man’s face in Florida. There was a report on a Florida man trying to order a Burrito at a bank, along with one about a college student down in Florida eating a man’s face after being high on ‘bath salts’.  Of course we remember multiple times in Florida where a Florida man has shot and killed an unarmed black man, including Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. The two things that Darius said though that made me question this supposedly conspiracy theory, were about a boyfriend fight during a pregnancy delivery and the beating of a flamingo, but I soon found out after some research, both are true! There really was a Florida man who burst into a pregnancy delivery room of his ex-girlfriend and beat up her current boyfriend….all while she was delivering a baby. Wildly enough, last but not least…..a Florida man has fatally beat up a flamingo before at Busch Gardens in Florida. According to Darius during the episode, to me he was implying that all of these reported acts have been staged in order to divert African Americans from moving to Florida so the African American will eventually not matter there. Makes you really think, huh?

What did you think about this season’s premiere? Leave your thoughts in our comment section below!

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