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For today’s post, we will be discussing how you can use the social media platform Pinterest as an Affiliate Marketer. This post is apart of our Digital Marketing series that we began back during 2020 so if you’ve missed any of the previous posts they are available at the links provided below:

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest a social media platform just like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the difference is however Pinterest is based on ideas. You’re able to create these interactive boards where you build an idea for a certain topic or subject using what Pinterest calls pins. These pins are images, graphics, or photos. Some are even words or quotes in the form of images, graphics, or photos.

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As you can see in the photo above, our latest Pinterest Pins are the bottom two rows, and our latest Pinterest Boards are on the top two rows. This is pretty cool for establishing a brand image for your business or service on this platform. Pinterest posts are solely graphics, images or photos only so it forces you to have a creative eye along with coordination visually. As we all know, pictures capture our attention more as humans compared to just words so this is a great way to gain an audience for the products or services you are promoting as a digital marketer.

Affiliate Marketing links can easily be posted on Pinterest if you have some sort of design skills under your belt, or if your affiliate manager is already providing graphics and tracking links under your affiliate partnership contracts. The first option of promoting affiliate links on Pinterest is through Pinterest Pins.


  1. Click on “Create Pin”
  2. Paste your affiliate tracking link in the external link section
  3. Add your custom graphics either by selecting them from your tracking link, or by uploading with the photo uploader
  4. Fill in the Name, Description and Alt Text fields
  5. Select the board you would like to upload your pin to
  6. Click “Publish”

Now you have a complete Pinterest pin for your affiliate link so when a visitor clicks your pin on your Pinterest page, they are taken directly to your affiliate partner’s products or services using your tracking link. Even better if they purchase something after clicking your tracking link, you will receive a commission amount you’ve agreed to in your affiliate partnership contract.

Pinterest Boards

Image provided by Delux Designs (DE), LLC

A second way to promote your affiliate links on Pinterest is by setting up your own Pinterest Boards. This is where you can organize your pins on specific boars to make it easier for visitors to find specific items and ideas pertaining to certain topics.

Image provided by Delux Designs (DE), LLC


  1. Go to your Pinterest page and click on one of your pins
  2. Click the three dots at the top of your pin page. It would be right beside the top right hand side of your pin graphic as seen in the image provided above.
  3. Click “Edit Pin”
  4. Select the Board of choice or Create a New Board
  5. Select the Section of the Board of your choice (optional)
  6. Click “Save”

Pinterest Board Groups

Just like with Facebook Groups, Pinterest has it’s very own Pinterest Board Groups.
We are apart of a number of them with other fellow bloggers and influencers and they have been of great assistance so far with marketing and reaching a bigger audience.

Board Groups are where you set up one Pinterest Board and divide it into specific sections in that specific board. So for example, if you have a fashion board, you can divide into four different sections: one on shoes, another on shirts, third on pants and the fourth on accessories. With the Board Groups we are apart of and run including the Blogging with DE Pinterest Board Group, most of the time the boards are divided by niche.

This is a great way to center in on your target audience with a better and bigger potential of sales daily.

Benefits of Using Pinterest as an Affiliate Marketer

  1. Autopilot Capabilities
  2. Broader Target Audience Focus
  3. Organization
  4. Easy to Post
  5. Brand Identity & Image

Pinterest is highly known for its ability to run on autopilot if you’re posting and using the platform fully and consistently. With Pinterest, you could publish a pin right now in the month of February 2022, and still see a steady increase in views say during February of 2024. You post and let the algorithms of Pinterest do their things along with your own promotions of your pins on your websites, blog sites, and on your other social media platforms and that’s it. You don’t have to do anything else to the pins at all. When people visit your page they’ll click on the pin and be able to shop through your link for as long as you have it published on Pinterest. The more clicks, views, and engagement you have on that specific pin, the more it will show up as an idea for other boards through re-pins.


When you re-pin on Pinterest, it’s like you’re sharing that content on your Pinterest page. So when your audience visits your page and clicks on a pin that you’ve re-pinned from another account, your audience is now exposed to that particular content when they click the link.

Let’s say you post an affiliate link on a dress you’re promoting for an affiliate partner. Then someone visits your Pinterest page and re-pins that dress link pin onto their Pinterest page and the cycle continues with visitors from their page and so on and so forth. This will automatically push your affiliate link to endless amounts of audiences across the platform without you having to do anything but post the link as a pin.


Image provided by Delux Designs (DE), LLC

As an affiliate marketer, Pinterest is one of the greatest social media platforms when it comes to keeping each affiliate partner’s posts and content organized in a clean manner. For me, I love the idea of setting up each board for each affiliate partner since I partner with so many across a variety of different niches and topics. It really makes it easier to see what company has what deals during certain times of the year like Christmas holiday shopping season for example as a consumer making your potential customers more prone to purchasing through your unique tracking links attached to your pins.

I would advise that you check with your affiliate marketing manager upfront to make sure your affiliate partner allows affiliate links to be included on Pinterest. Some partners do not allow this and it could make your contract and position with the company or brand up for termination. If you violate this part of your contract in any way this could also lead to a suspension of your Pinterest account as well so make sure you read all paperwork and terms and make sure it’s allowed beforehand.

If you already have permission to place your affiliate links on Pinterest, consider joining our Pinterest Group Board called Blogging with DE Group Board as a kickstarter for you to post your affiliate links as pins. We do all the hard work of organizing each pin into it’s appropriate Group Board Section based on the niche and topic of each pin posted to the group so you don’t have to do anything but post your pins to the group as often as you’d like.

Thanks for reading today and check out our next post of our series on the Benefits of Using Twitter as an Affiliate Marketer here.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links have been included in this post in which Delux Designs (DE), LLC receives a commission from any sales made through this post. We assure you, the products featured through DE from product reviews are products that we recommend based off of our own personal experiences from using them. The information given in this post is from a Certified Digital Marketer. Results may vary.

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