We Need Your Help!


We are a little over a week away from our first art showcase of the year and we are super excited about it! So far, the support has been amazing and much appreciated for our art endeavors and we can’t thank you all enough for it. I have some updates on the showcase for everyone planning to attend, and for those who would like to support but can’t make it out.


  • Who – The upcoming RAW Artists showcase will feature me (Keara Douglas) as one of many visual artists and crafters to represent Delux Designs (DE), LLC.
  • What RAW Artists Showcase is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. This particular organization is internationally known and has dozens of showcases around the world on a continuous basis throughout the year. They showcase indie talent in visual art, film, fashion & accessories design, music, performance art, beauty, and photography. RAW is a fun and alternative way for creatives to showcase both to their local community and the world-at-large.
  • When – Our upcoming showcase is scheduled for Wednesday, February 27, 2019 during the week of the annual CIAA Tournament at 7pm EST until 11pm EST.
  • Where – The showcase will take place at The Fillmore of The Music Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Why – The RAW Artists arts organization’s mission is to serve independent artists with tools, resources, education and exposure needed to thrive and succeed in their creative careers.

Join us for a night of local art talents, food, drinks and so much more to kick off the annual CIAA Tournament Week in Charlotte, North Carolina! For the upcoming RAW Artists Showcase, we plan to display and sell our Music Listening Collection and our #DEMusicBlock Collection. Just like with previous pop up shops we have hosted around the Carolinas in the past, you will have the opportunity to purchase our custom, one of a kind artwork at half the normal price if you attend the showcase.

img_0675#DEMusicBlocks painted by @K_DougDE

We Need Your Help!

Our status in the showcase is determined by our set ticket sales for the event.
This is how artists take care of their vendor booth fees for the event, which is absolutely perfect on both ends, especially for us artists whom are always tight on funds starting off. In order for us to have a good standing for the show, we have to sell 20 tickets in all.
Right now, DE has sold 15 tickets so far, 5 tickets away from our goal which means we only need five (5) people to purchase one ticket a piece at just $22.50 USD!

CashApp is available if you’d like to purchase your tickets with that method.
Send $22.50 USD to $deluxds with your first and last name and we will send over your confirmation, along with taking care of placing your tickets on hold at the door.
This is the most convenient method, all you will have to do is show up to the Fillmore, tell them you name and show them your ID and you’re in. If you would like to purchase your tickets directly through RAW Artists, click the link provided below.

RAW Artists is an eco-friendly organization so don’t worry about printing off your tickets. Once you purchase them online, you’re all set just make sure you have your identification with you when you attend the event so the staff at the door will be able to verify your identity.

Buy Tickets

With every ticket you purchase, you are supporting DE’s art endeavors for the future with RAW Artists. Once we meet our goal of ticket sales, we will be in a position for bigger and better art opportunities around the world, including more showcases and even possible scholarship opportunities for school. We thank each and everyone of you whom have already purchased a ticket. Your support never goes unnoticed and we have made sure to keep track of who all purchases tickets for the showcase so you’ll be given a small gift in return for your support after the event is over. Just a small token of my appreciation to you!


We cannot get you into the showcase once the event has started if you don’t have a ticket or don’t pay at the door. They only way we can hold your tickets at the door is if you have paid for them here or via CashApp by sending $22.50 USD to CashApp Name $deluxds.

Can’t make the event?

If you can’t make the event, I completely understand. Things come up. We all have our own lives to live so I know everyone can’t make it to every event all the time. But if you are wanting to show some love and support us, feel free to purchase a ticket or two as well. Even if you’re not in attendance, the tickets you purchase will go towards our ticket sale goal in order for us to have a great standing in the showcase. You would still be supporting DE even while you’re not there. Even if you’re not able to attend, you’ll also still receive a surprise gift for showing love and support after the event as well.

Show Support

Already purchased your ticket?

Great! You’ve purchased your ticket and are now awaiting the show, now what?
Well couple things to address before February 27, 2019 gets here in a couple days:


Parking is FREE! There will be signs directing you to the correct parking area.
RAW Artists has provided a parking area for guests so you won’t be hit with additional parking fees.

Showcase Schedule

Here is a complete schedule of what to expect during the event:

1. 7:00 PM – Doors Open // Opening Film
2. 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Live Music
3. 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM – Live Performances
4. 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Fashion Show

You will be able to leave and come back if you would like if you are wanting to attend the neighboring events happening that night for CIAA at the other clubs, bars and event spaces around the Fillmore in The Music Factory. They typically stamp your hand at the door, you just can’t take your drinks outside of the venue.

Age Restrictions

This is an 18 & up event.
A valid State ID is required to enter the event.
You must be 21+ to purchase drinks with a valid State ID.

Dress Code

There is no dress code. Come as you are!

RAW Artists
If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to comment below in the comment section, DM us on Instagram at @deluxds or email us at deluxds@yahoo.com.

Thanks again everyone for your support, we can’t wait to see you there!

For continuous updates on all new art work, art events and much more follow our social media page links listed below. Thanks for your support everyone!
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