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Website Updates [07/05/17]

Goodmorning everyone! As you may have already noticed, there are a ton of updates with Delux Designs (DE), LLC this year! Below, we have highlighted some of our new additions and sections for you all to read while visiting us:

  1. DEArTour: Here at DE, we often visit a variety of different art galleries throughout the year, either for recreational purposes or just for inspiration for new art projects. With this new section on our site, we highlight our art trips along with the cool artwork we may find.
  2. DEArTalk: This growing section has been the most exciting so far with our website growth. We give fellow artists and designers a chance to be an inspiration for those coming after them in younger generations by highlighting either their own artwork or the artists themselves. These are monthly Call For Artists with different themes to go by and reflect on.
  3. MentalHealthMondays: This section focuses on mental health awareness every other Monday throughout the year. It was inspired from me (Keara Douglas) becoming a writer for JOYDayMovement‘s site on mental health awareness.
  4. Affiliate Spotlight: We have a ton of new affiliations for Delux Designs (DE), LLC this year! From clothing, to hair, to art discounts. Our new partnerships provide you with great discounts weekly.
  5. DeluxHair: Last, but certainly not least would be our new Natural Hair Care section for all of our naturalistas subscribed to our site. Here we provide hair care tips, styles and just in general inspiration for you to embrace your own hair.

Feel free to click the links provided to check out each section for your own reference and benefit. If you would like first come updates on when new content is posted, click on the “Follow” button to the right hand side of this screen to subscribe to our site today! Happy Blogging everyone!

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