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Photography Provided by @K_DougDE

Hello, and welcome to Delux Designs (DE), LLC official blog and website!

We have many new subscribers, followers, and visitors in general lately so I wanted to take some time out to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Keara Douglas and I am the owner, founder, and artist for DE. Here we create custom and handmade creative products that we sell to the public regularly, along with providing creative services to the public as well. Some products include custom made to order acrylic paintings, hand assembled and bound books, digital marketing services like product reviews and sponsored posts, and so much more. This blog, or website, will focus more on different topics that come about while working in the art world. Sometimes dialogue is needed, it doesn’t hurt to have a respectful discussion on some things and I intend to use this site to do so. There is only one employee of DE currently which is myself, but we have many contributing artists that contribute design work and much more to DE. We also have brand ambassadors and affilites floating around the United States representing the DE brand. Check out the full DE Team here for more information.

Products and Services Provided:

Photography Provided by @K_DougDE

Delux Designs (DE), LLC is the main business and service but we have other blog segments and sister sites under this brand:

With each of these listed, we dip and dab into each one continously here on the site, from blog posts to sponsored posts. We encourage you to check out each webpage and join any of the groups pertaining to each on Facebook as well.

Feel free to explore our site and check out what we have to offer.
Comments on our posts are always welcome at the bottom of any post and we appreciate any shares, referrals and recommendations sent our way. If you would like updates on new blogs posts, products, and services from DE feel free to sign up for our email subscription list and/or our direct mailing list at the links provided below. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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