What is a Brand Ambassador?

Do you know what a Brand Ambassador is?

Brand Ambassador – (noun) a person who is paid to endorse or promote a particular company’s products or services; promotional marketers.

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When you are a Brand Ambassador you’re basically a representative of a company, service, or another brand. You help spread the word about the brand that you’re representing. Sometimes it could be their products and sometimes it is a service they may offer, and on other occasions it includes both. On average, a brand ambassador has the potential to make between $400-$800 per week, most start at about $20 per hour on average. Don’t get this type of marketer confused with an influencer, these are two different type of marketers and positions to have with a company or brand. An influencer is someone who has a significant influence on an audience. They mainly do not have specific contracts with companies or brands, just a heavy following of people who are influenced by the purchases they make or the things they like to do.

A brand ambassador has many different responsibilities as a representative of a company or brand including analyzing which products are selling and which ones aren’t, studying marketing goals for each company or brand they may be representing, portraying a positive image for a brand or company, building and sustaining positive relationships with brands overtime, testing out products and services before the public does and many other things depending on the company or brand’s policies.

There are multiple ways brands use their ambassadors for their businesses, which includes about four different types.

4 Types of Brand Ambassadors:

1. Educational Ambassadors – Represent schools and educational related programs. You see them mainly of course on college campuses and for college graduates mainly, but you also have programs now for K-12 schools and programs with the rise of social media. An example here would be costume character mascots. Most of these type of ambassadors perform their duties offline compared to the other three types.
2. Affiliate Marketers – Market through arrangements where online retailers pay commission for traffic or sales generated through referrals from their brand ambassadors. Often times here you see this being done a lot through blogs and social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Special links and images are provided to each brand ambassador so sales are tracked and moderated through clicking on those special links and banners. Some examples would include Rakuten Marketing and Sharesale. I have been using these two companies daily for the last two to three years through our blog.
3. Requirement Driven Ambassadors – Complete tasks within a specific time frame for compensation given either monetarily, through free products, or stipends. You see this being done mostly on Instagram more than any of the other social media sites. A great example would be Get Blogged. They often provide me with assignments in exchange for promotion via instagram and on our blog here.
4. Fan Based Ambassadors – Spread the word about a brand that they are already fans of, or a consistent customer for. Special incentives are rewarded based on the amount of referrals you gain overtime. Some examples would include Society6 and Getaway House.
5. Referral Ambassadors – Are similar to Fan Based Ambassadors in which they market through a special link given by a company or brand you represent to be used for promotions done online through social media or advertisements on your website or blog. Monetary incentives are often given to ambassadors at a specific rate per a specific number of referrals. An example of brands or companies that offer this program would include Intellifluence.

Brand Ambassador Opportunities for Creatives

With the rise of social media and social networking, I know you have seen and may even know of some brand ambassadors who promote on a regular basis online and offline. The main ones you probably have seen are apart of the fashion and travel niches more than any other field, but there are many ways creators can take advantage and thrive in this job field too.

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Stratusphere – 4 Types of Brand Ambassadors
Influencer vs Brand Ambassador

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