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What is Social Media Content

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For today’s topic we are discussing what exactly Social Media Content truly is.

Social Media Content is anything that you place on your social media profiles. This could be photos, graphics, videos, or any other interactive posts. Most people think that social media content has to solely be graphic designs and that is not the case at all. Social media content could just be photographs of you and your family on vacation. They could be video clips of you at a birthday party.

At the same time, while anything can be social media content at the end of the day, everything shouldn’t be social media content. Personal matters that jeopardize your reputation should not be social media content, and anything that imposes a risk to your safety should not be social media content. Always keep this in mind when you’re posting on these social media platforms on a regular basis. I categorize social media content into six different types of social media content in which we will go over in my next post in more depth soon but check them out below:

  1. Informative – Provides information on a specific subject.
  2. Educational – Teaches you a lesson on a specific topic.
  3. Entertaining – Provides entertainment or enjoyment.
  4. Motivational – Motivates and inspires you on a specific subject.
  5. Interactive – Engages you on a specific subject.
  6. Promotional – Promotes, or sells, a specific item or service.

I have also listed a couple social media content examples below for you as well.

Social Media Content Examples

Brand DesignsVideo Clips
PhotographyText Images
Blog PostsTestimonials

These are just a few content examples you could go with for your social media pages, but there are thousands of topics that could pertain to each post depending on your brand and niche. Some people use content calendars monthly to organize and schedule their content out for social media months at a time, in which we highly recommend. I’ll have a third post on these content examples and a more in depth look at them soon.

Having great social media content is centered around whether or not your content is valuable.
Like I said before, everything does not need to be social media content. Always focus on the value and quality over the quantity of posts you have. With quality comes engagment. Some creatives, influencers, and entrepreneurs may only have 10 posts on their social media pages but they’ll have thousands of followers and hundreds of people engaging under those ten posts and that’s what you want. Make sure you’re social media content is informative, specifically to solve a problem. When you can solve a problem with your content, your audience will more than likely keep coming back to your page over and over again looking for that informative information. Last but not least, make sure that you throw a little inspiration and entertainment into your content schedule from time to time. Serious content is cool but everyone likes a good pep talk and a good laugh every now and then.

That’s it for today and thank you for reading.
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What’s your favorite type of social media content to post on a regular basis on your social media pages? Leave your thoughts and comments below in the comment section.

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