Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important To DE

Good morning everyone! Monday is back again, yes that is right, we are now beginning a new work week once again. It seems like these weeks just fly by so fast monthly, especially the weekends. I know some of you are dreading that alarm wake up call that either already happened, or is about to happen soon for you to start your work week today. But any who, we are back again this morning for our weekly scheduled #MentalHealthMondays post for you!



This weekend, it just hit me that I never explained why Mental Health Awareness is even apart of Delux Designs (DE), LLC at all, in which I do apologize for that. I guess I just jumped right into it without explaining our stand point and purpose of bringing awareness to the topic at hand. Many may not know it, but I suffer from my own mental health issues which include secondary insomnia brought on by persistent major depression. I know it sounds really bad but it’s not I promise. If it was as bad as it sounds, I would never be able to talk with you all on here, or even be able to get anything done period. I have, however, had my share of breakdowns and bad episodes with it in the past which is one of the major reasons that I began this segment of DE. Our mental health awareness segment and section of DE is intended to be a safe haven for those who are suffering from mental health issues and problems and do not feel as though anyone is listening. I intend to be of help to those who are looking to improve their mental health by providing tips and tricks on maintaining your health, along with highlighting some of my favorites resources and websites that have helped me along my journey.

Check out DE’s official #MentalHealthMondays page at this link, and feel free to leave any suggestions on topics dealing with Mental Health that you would like to see on our site in the comment section below as well.

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