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Why Voting this Midterm Election is Important with theSkimm

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Why Vote?

Well….it’s pretty simple. Americans have a history of ghosting when it’s time to vote during any election. Especially millennials.

According to the 2015 United Census Report, only 42% of registered voters actually went out and voted during our last midterms, making it the lowest turnout on record since 1978. Of that 42%, only 20% were millennial voters for our last midterms, and our midterms before that.

Voting enables your voice to be heard.

Your vote does matter. Your vote gives you a say so when it comes to finances for you and your family, healthcare decisions, your right to protect yourself daily, the state of your area’s welfare programs and so much more. Your vote is not solely for deciding on who the next president of the United States is going to be, but also who will be the next judge, police chief, school superintendent and even the Senators and House of Representatives who make up our Congress.
Your vote controls everything. 

Why is 2018 Midterm Elections so important right now?

The White House – With all of the tragedies happening right now across our country, one can easily see and say that we need more solid and better leadership in the White House moving forward. Without your vote, we can not and will not see any progress moving forward. The results of this year’s midterm election determines the balance of power for the United States for the next two years. If the Democrats win the House of Representatives and the Senate, we will have what you call a divided government. Many compromises would have to be made concerning bills being passed and improving our country between both sides. If Democrats win both the House and the Senate, everything would change as far a policies for our country. This would also mean the White House versus Congress. If the GOP keeps both the House and the Senate, we will have two more years of our current officials and agenda being pushed.

State Issues – This election not only determines the balance of power for the United States in the White House, it also determines how things will be handled state wise for you in your own neighborhoods.

  • The new Census report is coming in 2020, which means redistricting will begin as well. Redistricting is where government officials re-draw district maps which are maps that determines how many people can be elected to the House of Representatives for that particular state. *Remember, the House of Representatives is apart of the balance of power for the entire country.* The number of people elected is based on the population size of each state. The main problem, and long-standing problem of this time period, is when gerrymandering occurs. Gerrymandering, or Partisan Gerrymandering, is when this method is intentionally used to benefit a specific political party.
  • New Abortion laws were passed last year. About 20 different states voted for the new laws specifically. That is 20 different states that limit abortion access right now. Many states right now have even cut funding for many abortion services and procedures as well.
  • Gun control is a state led issue. Access to weapons has been a huge topic for this upcoming election as many states like Oregon, Rhode Island, Florida, and Washington have already begun passing new laws that limit access for many to possessing guns.
  • Many believe that this current administration repealed and replaced Obamacare. They didn’t. Instead, individual states like Arkansas and Kentucky have began limiting access to Medicare, a program that helps people with low income and disabilities receive health insurance.

All of these current state issues are important and these are just a few of the issues going on in each state. Your vote determines how these issues are handled where you live.

Make No Excuses

Make sure you’re registered to vote.

Check and make sure you are registered to vote on November 06, 2018 by clicking here. Sign up and become a member of theSkimm for more updates by clicking here.

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