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Why You Don’t Need to Monetize Every Hobby

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If you’re new here, we discuss a number of different topics here at DE including creativity, business, and marketing just to name a few. For today’s post we are going to have a little chat on Why You Don’t Need to Monetize Every Hobby.

I know we are apart of a big microwave society right now.
Being a microwave society to me means that everyone wants results immediately versus having a stove mentality and allowing things to take their time to grow and build like you would allow a stove to take it’s time to cook food. With wanting everything so fast, many are looking at themselves a lot more these days and capitalizing off of their own talents and don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with that unless you’ve become obsessed with monetizing everything that you do.

Some things should truly just stay as a hobby and not involve money.
I’ll say it again for the people in the back, everything does not need to be turned into a dollar bill. Right now I have monetized my creativity as a whole. Anything dealing with art like crafting, painting, printing, or designing I make money from it. This has always been the plan, goal, and purpose for my life. What I haven’t done is monetized my ability to sing or cook. I’m very good at those two activities but those are hobbies for me that I enjoy doing without it being tied to how much I can make from it. I decided to stick with art and creativity monetization because it’s not only fun for me to do but I don’t mind money being tied to it. Plus I’m pretty good at it, so why not. Now with singing I’m not comfortable doing that particular activity in front of anyone, plus it wouldn’t be fun to me anymore if it became a job or if money was tied to it, same goes for food. I love cooking and baking. I love trying new recipes but that wouldn’t be fun to me anymore if I was required to create a cook book on a regular basis to make money from food. It’s just not my thing and guess what that’s ok.

It’s ok if everything you do is not monetized. Everything is not for everyone and that’s alright. No one is perfect and trust me no one has time for every single thing. Follow and stay within the niche that you have planned to explore and with time, patience, and consistency you’ll monetize it well soon.

Hobbies are Good for Mental Health

Having just a hobby is great for your mental health. Whatever activity that you do that brings you joy will naturally cheer you up every time you participate in that particular activity. Hobbies can be great stress relievers as well. Monetizing hobbies and talents comes with headaches even thought everything looks quick and easy online. Over time the fun in it can become clouded by the business side of monetization. Those hobbies that you haven’t monetized can be that great stress reliever you may need to keep your business or service going.

Quantity over Quality

I know everyone wants everything so fast and quick these days that they exhaust their options overall too. Always remember quantity over quality. It’s better to have two great quality monetized sources of income than to have 10 monetized hobbies that aren’t producing the amount of money you may need to come from them to make a living.

What’s your favorite hobby or pastime?
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