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You Can Now Contact DE by Phone!

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Great news everyone! DE now has a direct phone number for everyone to use who may need to contact us directly but there are some rules here. If you’ve been a DE fan since we opened for business back on December 21, 2010, then you know we have been VERY adamant about how we communicate with each client or customer that we encounter. We have always aimed to keep business with us as convenient as possible but yet fair for us as well when it comes to our personal space and privacy.

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Since our opening, we have found that email was and still is the best tool for communication, as stated in our previous article, but this does not need to be our only method of communication. Yes, social media messaging is always there but we wanted to make sure we were keeping things as professional as possible as well and decided to open our phone lines for the first time!

Starting Tuesday, May 29, 2018, you will be able to speak with me (@K_DougDE) via phone at our new business number (803) 619-3725. All calls will be recorded for quality and security purposes and we will be available to speak with you between our business hours of 8am through 7pm Eastern Standard Time on Monday through Friday every week. Right now, we have not set calling hours for the weekends yet and will update everyone on that at a later date. Please keep in mind that this business number is ONLY for business purposes and should not be used for personal conversations or personal matters.

I would like to thank those who have completed our survey on our communication methods & ways to improve our business relationships with everyone. We really appreciate your feedback & intend to use them for more improvements this year for DE!

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