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Protective Styling

As mentioned in my previous article on protective styling, this is that time of the year for me when I begin to tuck my own hair away for a couple months. A majority of the time this is done by using weave or hair extensions of some kind. I know. I know. This is a natural hair care blog post on wearing weaves. Most people believe that if you are natural that you are prohibited from wearing any forms of weaves at all period, and for me that is just not the case. I have found that when I do wear my protective styles with weave of some sort, it keeps my hands out of it which leads to less breakage over time. A style is maintained for an extended amount of time as well so there is low manipulation done to my real hair, leading again to less breakage over time and more hair retention or growth. These type of styles are great for me during the colder months as my hair and scalp tend to become a lot more dry due to the colder air. Having my hair in one set style for weeks at a time, keeps that moisture needed on my head.

Most of the time I always know which style I am going to go with but the problem always comes up on what type of hair to use for that style. With there being so many different weave types, names and textures, sometimes things get a little frustrating and confusing from time to time on deciding on what type of hair to purchase. Our affiliate Perfect Locks has broken down for us the difference between two major weave types that are often used by naturals. Both include Indian hair and Brazilian hair, these are those textures that are fairly curly or kinky. I figured this would be a great post and perfect timing for the Protective Styling season. If you’re going to wear weaves, you might as well wear the correct weaves for your hair right?

According to Perfect Locks, Brazilian hair is the most counterfeited hair on the hair market right now. This is that hair type that you have to be careful with purchasing, as much of it is just dyed Asian hair. Indian hair however is 100% Remy hair. Now you’re probably confused here and asking well what is Remy hair? Remy hair is that silky, smooth to the touch weave type. This one is mostly preferred for those straight styles that look as natural as possible, which can also be curled as well. Remy hair mainly comes from India, hence you may have heard of people referring to this weave type as Indian Remy Hair. Indian hair is considered the highest quality of hair on the hair market right now. It is naturally light which makes it bouncy when worn. Very easy to style as it is tangle resistant. Brazilian hair however is durable but it is a lot more dense so it becomes a lot more limited when styled. Curly Brazilian hair cannot be flat ironed at all so it is not as versatile compared to Indian hair which can be. With limitations on styling and due to its thickness, Brazilian hair doesn’t last nearly as long as Indian hair does. Our affiliate Perfect Locks has an amazing selection of Indian hair for you to choose from, along with perm steamed hair that closely resembles Brazilian hair as an alternative!

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