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9 Days of Positive Affirmations with Minimal Capsule – Day 8

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Today is day eight of the 9 days of positive affirmations with our affiliate partner Minimal Capsule. If you missed day seven, you can click here to catch up with what we covered yesterday on detaching. If you’re going along with this interactive blog segment, tag us on instagram by using @deluxds or by hashtag #BloggingwithDE.

Day 8

Day eight of the 9 days of positive affirmations is about finding your passion.

Finding my own personal passion was fairly easy for me. During my childhood, I knew I wanted to do something art related. I was always drawing….even drawing on things I was not supposed to like school desks and painting my nails with highlighters (my mom tore my butt up for that one lol). I knew I loved creating and it brought me joy and happiness. By the time I reached middle school, I began to do more research on the art field and initially took up more digital art than anything. By the time I reached high school however, going into my senior year, I wanted and found myself to have a passion for both digital art and fine arts. Here I am today as a owner of my own art service, and soon to be physical art business.

Finding your passion can be tough, especially if you have no idea what you’re good at or don’t have a true favor of anything. I am here to tell you it is possible to find your passion. You have to sit and think about what you enjoy and what brings you joy overall everyday. For example, if you get happy around children and are very good with kids, maybe that is your passion and maybe you should start a daycare service in order to help children at a young age, or become a school teacher. Another example is if you get happy around cars, maybe that is your passion and you should look into starting your own mechanic business or car detailing service for customizations.

There is so much to do out here in this world, all you have to do is be passionate about something and you’ll forever have joy in your life.

What are your methods of gratitude? What do you plan to do more of for 2019 to show more gratitude? Leave your thoughts and plans below in our comment section with the methods you take now and plan to take in the future.

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