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The DE Foundation – About Us

A couple weeks ago, we debuted The DE Foundation for our readers and subscribers. Today we are back to give some background on our organization and what we are about. The idea of setting up a non-profit for Delux Designs (DE), LLC is not a new concept for us. This idea and goal has been… Continue reading The DE Foundation – About Us


#DEMentalHealthMondays – How to Help Someone Suffering from Depression

Image provided by Giphy Growing up, for me personally, finding help after I was diagnosed with depression was the hardest part of my condition. Most think suffering in silence is the hardest part, in which I have read other’s articles online and have had conversations with others to which it was, but for me that… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – How to Help Someone Suffering from Depression


#DEMentalHealthMondays – The Basics on Mental Health with theSkimm

Image provided by theSkimm Our affiliate theSkimm has a new guide on mental health. As you may know, Millennials – and young women in particular – are reporting higher rates of mental health issues right now. Check out the new mental health guide provided by theSkimm by clicking the image shown below! Image provided by theSkimm Join… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – The Basics on Mental Health with theSkimm


#DEMentalHealthMondays – Insomnia

Image provided by Giphy Insomnia – noun; inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness. Insomnia is something that I have suffered from since the beginning of my college career. I’m not sure if the tough college workload was the cause of it, or whether it was traumatic events that took place throughout my late teen years that truly caused it to be a… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – Insomnia