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9 Days of Positive Affirmations with Minimal Capsule – Day 9

Minimal Capsule

Today is day nine of the 9 days of positive affirmations with our affiliate partner Minimal Capsule. If you missed day eight, you can click here to catch up with what we covered yesterday on finding your passion. If you’re going along with this interactive blog segment, tag us on instagram by using @deluxds or by hashtag #BloggingwithDE.

Day 9

Day nine of the 9 days of positive affirmations is about breaking out.

Breaking out to me means setting plans and goals into motion. You only talk about what you have planned for so long until you really need to act on those goals and plans. Why now is a great time to do this? Well we are ending this year, giving you about roughly two months to prepare for the new year, why not make this a new year’s resolution?

Minimal Capsule has some options for you on how you can start preparing hands on for your big break out moment here.

What are your plans for the upcoming 2019 year? Any upcoming events, trips or special announcements? Comment below in our comment section, we would love to read about your good news!

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