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9 Days of Positive Affirmations with Minimal Capsule

Minimal Capsule

Holiday season is here! Can you believe we are only two months away from 2019 already? Time has flown by this year. With the holiday season here, temperatures dropping and leaves falling, it’s time to get ready for the new upcoming year. Most wait and do the new year, new me approach but why not start early? You don’t necessarily have to wait until the new year comes in to make a positive change for yourself.

One way I’m going ahead and making a change early before the new year kicks in is by starting 9 days of positive affirmations with our affiliate partner Minimal Capsule. I love the positivity that comes from this particular brand. The quotes, tips and even business trends have helped us to improve on our services here at DE.

Day 1

Day one of the 9 days of positive affirmations is about self-love.

Finding ways to love yourself more and better can be be tricky, yet an exciting journey to take. For me, self-love consists of me taking care of myself including hair, nails, skin, clothing, cleaning and even eating habits. For my hair, nails, skin and even clothing, DeluxHair comes into place. The journey I take with DE’s sister site ties into my own improvements and self-love personally. Cleaning is a daily task. This consists of me literally cleaning up my own workspace, and me virtually cleaning out old files and completing incomplete tasks. Eating habits have been the most tricky part of loving myself. Of course, we all love junk food whether it is salty or sweet. Everyone craves something food wise sometimes. Mine was pork at one time. I am now three years pork free. I stopped drinking sodas and replaced them with more water.

For the upcoming new year, I am now putting plans together for better workout routines and habits. At least a schedule to be active in some way every single day whether it’s simply walking more during some days than most, or participating in a fitnes class of some sort on other days.

What are your methods of self-love? What do you plan to do more of for 2019 to love yourself more? Leave your thoughts and plans below in our comment section with the methods you take now and plan to take in the future to love yourself.

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